2010 Haidong Gumdo World Championships

The Australian Haidong Gumdo Team has returned from the  2010 Haidong Gumdo World Championships with the Best Association Award.  This is the highest level award and the whole Australian Team, Masters, Instructors, students and family all worked together to achieve this honour.  The competition went quite well for everyone and especially those who made it the final rounds.  Jared Keam from Swordsmen Martial Arts won a bronze in Bamboo Cutting.  Other finalists were the Australian Group Gumbop Team, Matthew Wall from Southern Cross in Brisbane, Silver, Bamboo Cutting; Christopher Kim from Canberra; James Whittering from Mudo, Gold Coast;   and several others.  The Australian team is headed by the Australian Haidong Gumdo Association president, Master Jung Il Oh.