Swordsmen Martial Arts

Haidong Gumdo Membership 2020

Please note that Haidong Gumdo Australia membership is now due. Please remit as soon as possible.

Swordsmen Martial Arts

Swordsmen re-open for training

As of Monday June 1st, 2020, Swordsmen are reopening for training under the QLD Government Stage 2 restrictions. We encourage all of our Members to return to training as well as anyone interested in Martial Arts. The time table for classes can be seen here

Swordsman Martial Arts

Taekwondo Belgian Open 2020

The Belgian Open for 2020 has been cancelled. Click here

New self-defense discipline – Teukgong Moosool

Teukgong Moosool (TGMS) is a martial art originating from South Korea. It is a martial art practiced by the South Korean Special Forces. TGMS is a combative method of fighting as opposed to a sport. It emphasizes the rapid submission of an opponent. TGMS has been adapted beyond the special forces, for practice by bodyguards, police and law enforcement personnel and individuals interested in an effective method of self-defense.

Swordsmen new Website

Hello, and welcome to our new website. This is the first release of our site and we still have much to do. We hope you like the general appearance and content and if you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. Your involvement can only lead to a better site for all. Please take a couple of minutes to look at our video for a quick overview of what we offer.